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Gorgonzola Pear Dressing with Riesling

Our original dressing, with complex flavors of mild blue cheese and stone-ground mustard, Vino De Milo our best-seller. Similar in texture to a Caesar, this is a smooth, creamy dressing with a sophisticated flavor profile.

dietary matchups

Vegetarian, diabetic-friendly, wheat free, gluten free, no sugars added, low carbohydrate, low fat, low sodium, no cholesterol, 100% natural.

recipe ideas

  • Marinate beef strips, then grill & serve extra dressing as a dip on the side
  • Grill quartered lettuce heads and drizzle on top
Dressings and Marinades
All Natural, Gluten-Free, Made in Ohio, WW Friendly, Keto Friendly
Vino De Milo
Made In:
Athens, Ohio
Net Carbs:

WW Smart Points: