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Since 2010, Shagbark Seed & Mill has been providing Ohio’s cooks with Ohio-grown, Certified Organic dry beans and freshly milled grains. We connect our family farm partners with restaurants, schools, bakeries, and home kitchens throughout our region. We grind your grains weekly at Shagbark’s stone mill in Athens, and partner with local bakeries and tortillerias to produce Shagbark’s 100% Spelt Pasta, Fresh Corn Tortillas, Original Tortilla Chips, Black Bean & Corn Tortilla Chips, and Cornbread Crackers. Shagbark’s milling and seed-cleaning hub is Certified Organic, which means we are third-party Certified by OEFFA, to protect the quality of Certified Organically Grown crops. Farming under Organic Certification means active crop rotations, no petro-chemicals, no GMO seeds, and agricultural practices that build soil, support healthy ecosystems, and protect water. We also offer rock-bottom pricing to school and community food access programs and sponsor community festivals, camps, activists, and art in our region. The results? Strong communities, clean water, healthy soil, good company, and great eating! Ready to join the Staple Food Revolution? Join us and try all of Shagbark’s products!