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Rust Belt Pepper Relish

In 1960 my parents Metodi and Milica emigrated from Macedonia to America in search of a better life for my sisters and me. They brought with them many recipes from their village and our Roasted Mediterranean Pepper Relish is one of my favorites! ​ I have memories of my grandparents, parents, sisters, and I sitting in our driveway year after year fire-roasting, peeling, seeding, and chopping our homegrown peppers and combining them with our homemade Roma tomato sauce. This week-long process would result in a charred yet sweet and delicious pepper relish that always made each holiday and family gathering so special. ​ After many years of enjoying this recipe with our family and friends, I decided it was time to share it with the world! ​ We use high-quality, simple ingredients in order to best emulate the taste of the “Old Country.” This means absolutely no preservatives, artificial colors, or ingredients. ​ Please enjoy it as we have for many years!