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RJ's Peppers

Now you can taste an original classic “old world” family recipe originating in the small village of Rotendella, located in the Matera, (Basilicata), region, of southern Italy “Peppers in Oil” became popular in United States back in the late 19th century; an ethnic cultural food recipe favorite Introduced by European immigrants arriving in this country during that historic era. The Brier-Hill, (Little Italy} , community of Youngstown Ohio is one area where the strongest impact prevailed with respect to the art of gardening, cultivating, and canning the mild to spicy and extremely flavorful marinated peppers in oil This is also where our family recipe story beginning with “Pappo” and “Nana” Guido starts……… A favorite food staple of the European culture, RJ’s Pepper Pantry has perfected this traditional and cultural family recipe into a trendy specialty gourmet style; grocery, deli, and restaurant offering. Marinated Peppers in Oil are an extremely versatile product than can be enjoyed in so may ways: