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OUR STORY We’re Brandon and Jarred, the NOOMA brothers. We grew up playing hockey, eventually competing at the professional level. As our hockey careers became more serious, our definitions of fitness and what constituted a healthy lifestyle evolved. However, the products we were given remained the same. This was especially true with what we drank. After years of being given sugar-packed, artificial sports drinks, we decided enough was enough. We thought sports drinks needed to be healthier, so we began to make our own. With help from our mentor and business partner Chris, our team created a drink people would love before, during and after workouts. We took the idea of a sports drink and flipped it on its head – this meant using organic ingredients, no added sugar, and an ingredient label anyone could understand. We shared our drinks with fitness communities everywhere – from CrossFit boxes and spinning classes to run clubs and yoga studios. In the process, we received invaluable feedback (and great workouts) that helped shape our drinks. We embraced this feedback, and these communities embraced us. Through it all, we have created an organic, simple-ingredient sports drink loved and inspired by those very fitness communities – we created NOOMA. OUR MISSION NOOMA exists to inspire people to live healthier and more active lives through our clean & organic fitness beverages, community involvement, and wellness knowledge.