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Though the first Inca Tea™ blend was sold in 2014, our origins reach back thousands of years to ancient Peru. Since pre-Incan times, Peruvians have cultivated purple corn in the cool mountain regions of the Andes. Generations later, people in the region continue to use purple corn as a staple in their diet. Inca Tea founder Ryan Florio discovered purple corn on a 10-day hike with friends 16,000 feet in the mountains. The group’s guide boiled purple corn, cinnamon and cloves with freshly cut apples and pineapple to create a drink locals call chica morada. The refreshing herbal tea beverage – packed with phenolic compounds that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – gave the hikers a healing boost of energy to continue their journey. “I have had some major knee and back surgeries. So my doctors advised me not to go hiking into the remote Andes mountains,” Ryan recalls. “But I never felt better than while I was there.”