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Butter Your Nuts

Butter Your Nuts was founded in 2015 by owners Brad and Jessica. The idea for Butter Your Nuts came from Brad in 2007 when he was vacationing in the Outer Banks, NC when he thought of the name, Butter Your Nuts, and thought it would be a great idea of a nut butter business. Having been very active in bodybuilding and powerlifting for most of his life, he understood the power of healthy fats and the important role they played in an athletes diet. Having tried several “natural’ peanut butters in the stores and only being left in disappointment, he began making his own in a food processor and found the quality and taste was much better than store bought and he knew exactly what was in it. After years of research, he began reading about stone-ground nut butters and the nutritional advantages they have over other production methods. Now fast forward to 2015, nobody still creating a nut butter business named Butter Your Nuts, so Brad and Jessica started researching it and finally got in contact with the correct people at the Ohio Department of Agriculture who were able to point them in the right direction to get started and the rest has been history! While Brad is no longer involved in bodybuilding, him and Jessica are still active athletes and compete in several triathlons during the summer months.