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Bucha Bill Kombucha

My journey with Kombucha Tea began in 2007 while researching the benefits of raw superfoods and age-old ferments on the living body. I received my first bucha from a friend upon the diagnosis of my own digestive sensitivities to gluten & dairy. She mentioned that it had a ton of probiotics making it a wonderful raw food supplement for the digestive system. She also said that it acted as a sustainable energy source & made her skin glow! I eyed the weird/fizzy elixir and needless to say after my first couple of sips my tummy & mouth were both speaking “KOMBUCHA” and have been ever since. I received a starter mother culture within a few weeks & began sharing the tea with friends and family whenever the possibile. Now after an evolution of 250 generations and 20,000 bottles of kombucha, it’s my sincere privilege to share this apotheosis with my local community and culture at large.