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American Classic Snacks

Located in Wadsworth, Ohio, our company has been producing premium popcorn for over thirty years. Since the day we opened our goal has been to produce the finest quality popcorn in America. We are hopeful that, once you have had a chance to taste our product you will agree that Homegrown brand snacks are something that you will enjoy with family and friends for many years to come.

Each and every product that comes out of our plant is produced in small batches using the finest ingredients that we can find. We make homemade caramel and toffee from scratch using real butter. We source GMO FREE corn and pop with Coconut Oil. When a product of ours contains peanuts, we caramelize the peanuts and handle the finished product with care to assure you that the peanuts are evenly distributed throughout the product. We know it is our job to impress you with our quality and attention to detail.


Made In:
Wadsworth, Ohio
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